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Vitamin Injections

Why Vitamin Injections?

Current health trends are proving we need something more than the traditional approach to “supplementing” a healthy diet. The diagnosis of disease both physical and mental is on the rise while our nutritional status continues to decline. This pattern has put our society at the unhealthiest state in history and it is getting worse.

We are now at a point where nutritional supplements are becoming requirements due to nutrient deficiencies. Ongoing research is finding injectable nutritional therapies are important for many disease states and could be essential to slow the steady decline of societies health.

Over the last 10 years there has been a change in the approach to handling nutrient deficiencies for many consumers and it seems they may have good reason. Consumers are finding comfort in vitamin injections because of their better absorption and the compounding pharmacies that are manufacturing them are highly regulated. With recent news highlighting that many oral supplements did not contain the actual ingredients that were listed on the containers and some were contaminated and potentially dangerous has strengthened that position.

At first glance, oral dietary supplements appear to be the most convenient and effective method of correcting nutritional deficiencies, but recent investigation into the nutrient supplement industry found that not all supplements are created equal. Furthering the problem is the lack of regulations leaving consumers with the difficult job of finding reputable manufacturers. Recently the government found several well-known stores and manufacturers were selling nutritional supplements without the listed ingredients, leaving consumers wondering which companies to trust.